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J Starr's Average Wedding Flower Pricing


The more I sit down with brides in floral consultations, it is increasing common when discussing budget to hear, "I have no idea how much flowers cost!" Many times this is followed by a very unrealistic idea of what they think flowers will cost. My standard answer on flower pricing is "It Depends!!" However, here are some wedding industry stats, pricing inspiration sites, and my very general pricing here at J Starr's Flower Barn.

Without knowing what specific flowers, style, sizes, etc. that a bride wants, it is difficult to estimate prices. Personally, I would rather overestimate and be able to scale back than underestimate and have surprise costs. If you are looking for a general  idea, there are a couple of easy resources you can access for starting points on pricing.

FTD Wedding Page has a great variety of bouquets, centerpieces, hair flowers, and corsages with current pricing.  This is perfect for PRICING IDEAS ONLY.  I do NOT recommend ordering from this website for your actual wedding flowers. FTD is a service that sends the order to an available florist closest to your delivery location.  Since it would be created by a local florist anyway, it would actually save money, time, and frustration to go directly to your florist. Your local florist can also provide a wealth of information as to seasonality, colors, & availability of specific flower types, as well as offering creative ideas that you may not see on this website.

Pops of Plum is another good starting point for brides to get an idea of true costs of wedding flowers. This is a division of renowned Intrigue Designs and Décor. It has wedding floral packages based on popular styles, as well as individual item pricing.

For my personal pricing scheme, while I always say, "It depends!," here are some very general guidelines of what to expect:

  • Bridal Bouquet: $100-200
  • Bridesmaid Bouquet: $45-95
  • Boutonnieres: $10-18
  • Corsages: $25-45
  • Flower Crown: $35-$70
  • Ceremony Arch Flowers: $250-1000
  • Altar Arrangements: $50+
  • Eucalyptus Garlands - $15/ft before additional flowers
  • Low Table Arrangements - $35+
  • High Table Arrangements (includes rental of candelabras, pedestals, etc) - $200+
  • Mason Jar Arrangements - $25-40

Some very important things to keep in mind when setting your floral budget:

  • Number of Bridesmaids - Bouquets add up quickly!
  • Number of Guests - Table centerpieces are the largest percentage of wedding flower cost
  • Time of Year - Flowers are more expensive on dates closer to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas
  • Flower Choice - Check out what flowers are in season. Attempting to use out-of-season blooms can raise cost and reduce quality. Teleflora and The Knot both have pages of blooms by season and color. Some flowers are just more expensive. If you HAVE to have Juliet garden roses, expect your costs to be higher, since garden roses are about 3xs the price of standard varieties.
  • Flower Substitutions - Ask your florist about options to substitute less expensive flowers with a similar look!
  • Eliminating Design Items - YOU DON'T ALWAYS HAVE TO DO THIS TO REDUCE COST!!! Flower choices, substitutions, reducing size, using more greenery....all can add up to cost savings without sacrificing the desired look!!



Do you love Garden Roses, but your budget doesn't? Ask your florist about standard varieties, like this White Polo Rose, that can have the same look for less!

Do you love Garden Roses, but your budget doesn't? Ask your florist about standard varieties, like this White Polo Rose, that can have the same look for less!