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An INTRIGUING Birthday Surprise!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (over 2 months EARLY!!!) I probably shouldn’t have been driving in the car when my husband surprised me with the best birthday present of my life.  There I was driving down the road with my eyes flooded with tears, just trying not to ugly cry as I was headed to an appointment. So what was this shocking surprise??

I am going to the INTRIGUED Experience in July, at the Inn at Perry Cabin, in St. Michaels!!! My sneaky husband had called Sarah Campbell of Intrigued Designs and pre-registered me before tickets were available for sale to the public. He explained to her about his plan to surprise me for my birthday in May and she joined in! Needless to say, the part of his plan for a grand reveal was a little foiled and he ended up telling me a couple months early – but that’s totally okay with me!!

As a mother of two toddlers, I don’t tend to do many things just for myself anymore, as I am sure fellow mothers can relate. Starting my own floral business has sometimes been a mental struggle to permit time, energy, and money to be spent on myself.  As much as I really wanted to attend the July Intrigued Experience, I had not convinced myself that it was fair to my husband, kids, or our finances at this stage.  Needless to say, this surprise gift completely blew me away. It took the guilt and pressure off of my shoulders and has also given my husband pleasure in simply doing something for me that he knew I wasn’t going to do for myself. I feel very blessed and more excited than I can put into words.

When the February Intrigued Experience was approaching, I spent much of my “free time” on social media scouring the websites and Instagram feeds of the speakers and industry leaders, a number of which were already my favorites to IG stalk for inspiration and trends. I was so jealous to not be in attendance during the event, then seeing so many awesome posts and videos of the Experience on social media, and I was disappointed that there was going to be another Intrigued Experience, even closer to home, in July, that I didn’t think I could attend. I had even lamented with another designer friend that we would save up to go next year, wherever and whenever the next Intrigued Experience might be! My husband must have really been paying attention to my ramblings about all the cool workshops, industry idols, education & networking I was missing, but putting in my goals for next year.

 The July Intrigued Experience promises to be just as great, if not better, and packed with awesome speakers & workshops! I am super excited to be a part of this event and looking forward to the relationships cultivated and so much new knowledge my head might explode! Just a few of the educators that I can't wait to learn from - Ellen Frost of Local Flowers, Sue Davis of Fresh Designs Florist, Eddie Zaratsian, & Carly Cylinder (author of The Flower Chef) of Flour LA!

If you are a florist or event planner, I strongly encourage you to check out Intrigued Experience and do something special for yourself – book your spot today! Space is limited and sells out incredibly fast so don’t wait!! Hope to see you there!