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Prom Fashion & Flowers

Wow! Prom sure has come a long way from when I was in high school! I rarely get the opportunity to create prom designs for attendees because, as an wedding & event florist, I don't have any guarantee of flowers being in stock on the same weekend in the desired color scheme. However, this couple got lucky! I had an It's Bouquet event this week (another blog post on that to follow!) so I actually had a large variety of flowers and colors to use! Also, let me add, I babysat this boy when he was a little 1 year old and I was in high school...so now I feel old...ugh LOL.

Anyway, when Tyler's mom sent me the picture of his date's dress to match the flowers to, I knew exactly what I wanted to create. She gave me free reign and said, "Prom flowers tend to all look the same and I know these won't!" With a dress so classy and elegant, in bold red and black, this cute couple wanted to stand out at their prom. If there was a "best dressed" contest for prom, my vote goes to them, and I haven't even seen the other contestants! Where were these styles when I was in school??